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You are Important

You are important. You are needed here. There is only one of you and the world needs your contribution. It can be as small as a daily smile to your overstressed barista, or as large as curing a disease.

There are so many excuses why we pick each other apart instead of building each other up, but if one sentence can motivate someone, then another sentence can also devastate someone. Lead people into the sunshine rather than the darkness, build up their bank of good thoughts by depositing kind words and calm vibes into your conversations.

Being perfect is an impossibility, but trying your best in every moment is the way we can look in the mirror at the end of the day and be proud of ourselves. Our 'best' will change from day to day; today's best might be a 10km run and salad for lunch. Tomorrow's best might be 7 hours of Netflix, 9 doughnuts and a call to your mum.

Human beings are not perfect, sometimes we fall and sometimes we fail. This is a part of life. Bad times will happen. There will be times when it's our fault and there will be times when it's someone else's fault. How we choose to move on from those moments is the important part. Own your mistakes and admit to them, forgive others if needed and learn from the situation. Don't repeat the same mistakes.

The work you do is important. We all make an impact in our little spheres of influence and a lot of people feel uncomfortable giving others compliments or sharing how we’ve impacted them - especially in positive ways. So we can go through each day, repeating the same actions and not feel like we’re making a difference. This can eat away at our confidence and even the passion that we had for something that we viewed as our purpose. Just because no one is recognising your work or your value, it doesn’t mean that you’re not valuable. You are. This world seems to value fame and fortune and gives the most resources to the loudest voice - but your purpose and your passion are important. Don’t give up! Believe in your potential and your capabilities. The tree that is growing in the forest doesn’t need applause or attention to grow - it just grows and becomes the tree that it was always meant to be.

Growth is important in our lives - if we think the same thoughts throughout our entire lives, we tend to remain stagnant. Our brains need to be used and stretched every day to grow, make new neural connections and increase our intelligence and empathy. Unlike trees, we need to move to grow. Our bodies and brains benefit from movement and muscle strengthening. Our body’s cells are renewing regularly and they replenish from the food that we eat - so eat well and move often! Treat yourself like you matter - no more and no less than anyone else on this planet. Brene Brown says it best “Don’t shrink. Don’t puff up. Stand your sacred ground.”

You matter.
You are resilient.
You are important.
Keep going.
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