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A quiet place to read, relax, & be inspired.

Every writer needs a 'home' to share their work and attract new clients. is a creative blog that includes short stories, book reviews, free printable downloads & opinion pieces. Created by meee - a freelance writer who wants to share a bit of positivity and inspirational thought with the world. It's an ongoing work-in-progress and will likely improve with age & website development experience - so stick around! (That's me below - a lifelong learner & research nerd).


I have created the website as ad-free as possible so you can read, relax and enjoy without annoying pop-ups. 

The downloadable prints are free for your own home use - I have created them in and added my own information to the design templates. 


I'm also a newbie copywriter! I made a career change during the pandemic and have landed on my feet as a brand new copywriter. Email if you'd like to talk to me about your upcoming project. I specialise in blog posts, web copy, and reports based on quantitative and qualitative research. 


Editor & Writer

Sarah Kinnaird



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    about ME



    I’m Sarah Kinnaird, a freelance writer based in Central Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.


    I help business owners increase their website content by writing regular blog posts for them. They can purchase a one-off blog post or subscribe to up to 4 per month.


    Who am I?


    I have a background in delivering a variety of creative writing and communication solutions to a NZ media outlet, NZ’s largest Christian retailer, and a research and consultancy company. I have a degree in Tourism Business Management and a graduate diploma in Journalism studies.


    I made a career change during the pandemic and decided to finish my first novel which I started in 2013 and will be completed by the end of 2021. To fund my new writer’s lifestyle, I do copywriting work to pay for the essentials like coffee and pet food.


    I’d like to tell you that I have a moving back-story with many challenges that I overcame, however, I’m just an ordinary person with ordinary challenges the same as you, and I just keep on getting up each day and going to work in my living room/office. Life is pretty sweet here in NZ, especially when you have an awesome hubby.


    During Covid, I realised that life is too short to spend it in jobs that don’t excite you, so here I am; being exciting. In my living room. Living la vida loca.


    Why I do what I do


    I love writing, languages and grammar. Knowing that rearranging 26 letters of the alphabet can inspire and move people to action is a satisfying feeling. Ever since I was about five years old, I wanted to be a writer, because I knew the power of stories to transport you anywhere in the universe.


    Why would you work with me on your writing project? The diploma hanging on a slight lean above my desk says I’m qualified to do it, but I’ll also give it 200% effort and deliver work before the deadline. I’m fuelled by marmite on toast and coffee so you know I’ll get it done.



    “Make it simple. Make it memorable.

    Make it inviting to look at.

    Make it fun to read.”

    - Leo Burnett.

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