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How to W.R.I.T.E in 5 easy steps

Are you alone in lockdown or looking for some peace and quiet? Writing is a great way to create a bubble of peace within your lockdown bubble. Grab your favourite

journal, notebook or laptop and start W.R.I.T.E-ing.

When you’ve got a story you want to share, the basic steps to follow are:

W - What, who, where, when, why? 🤷🏻‍♀️

What do you want to write about? Who are the main characters? Where are they

doing what they’re doing? Is it a real place, or a fantasy world that you create?

When are they doing what they’re doing? The past, present or future? Who will

they meet along the way and who will they become by the end of the story (have

they changed from a reckless adventurer to a more thoughtful adventurer?)

R - Read🤓 📚

Read books in the genre that you want to write in. If you want to write a story

about a 17th century farm girl that meets an alien warship in the milking shed, then

read a lot about that style of story. Historical science-fiction? 🤔 No matter what

genre you want to write in - become an avid reader in that genre.

I - Investigate🧐 🔦

Do your research! Investigate each step of your story. What do 17th century farm

girls wear? How do you milk a cow? What makes alien warships fly? It’s the small

details that you need to get right so your readers can allow themselves to ‘believe’

your story.

T - Type💻 ✍

Start typing your story! If you prefer to put pen to paper - start transcribing your

story! There’s no right or wrong way - just get it down on paper or on the screen.

Keep writing until you’ve got your first draft. Don’t worry about correcting anything

yet, just get it all down and worry about the spelling and grammar later.

E - Edit✍ ❌ ✔

Now’s the time you can correct those mistakes, plot holes and weirdly-long

sentences. Polish your story until you’re comfortable sharing it with the other

people in your bubble. If you want to write only for yourself - then enjoy! What

happens in your Bubble of Peace; stays in your Bubble of Peace.

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