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Book Review: Survival Skills for Freelancers

If you’re already on the freelance track or thinking about quitting your job - read this book.

As a freelancer, I try to save money when I’m buying books, so I purchased the Kindle version and regretted it after the first chapter - I should have bought the hard copy. I finished the Kindle version, then promptly bought the hard copy. This book is worth every penny twice-over.

It’s the culmination of 20 years' experience for author and freelance copywriter Sarah Townsend and it’s full of wisdom and practical advice. The thing that makes this book different is that it doesn’t shy away from addressing burnout and the importance of gut instincts when it comes to taking on new clients and whether they will gel with your way of working. 

The chapter on ‘Imposter Syndrome’ really hit home for me. It was a relief to know that we all have similar fears, but there is a way to build resilience and deal with self-doubt. This book is practical, relatable and witty and will be my freelance-handbook-and-mentor in one.

Title: Survival Skills for Freelancers: Tried and tested tips to help you ace self-employment without burnout.

Author: Sarah Townsend

ISBN: 9781916371569

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