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8 ways to boost your writing motivation

Need a booster shot of inspiration? These videos are like having a muse on demand. Whenever I'm feeling blocked or just plain empty of new ideas, I watch or read my favourite video content or books. Bookmark this page so you can view them whenever you want without getting distracted by the rest of the internet!

1. Marie Forleo: The World's Best Writing Advice: Get 100 years of writing experience in 20 minutes

Marie Forleo is a creative entrepreneur who wants to inspire and motivate people to reach their potential and give their unique gifts to the world. Her YouTube channel is a hotbed of resources for entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers and aspiring business owners. This video is a selection of interviews with famous authors giving their best bits of advice.

2. Ira Glass on The Creative Process

Ira Glass is an American writer who is the creator of the public radio program 'This American Life'. This quick video is only 2 minutes long and is a great reminder for beginner creatives to keep going!

3. Master Your Process: Become more confident

This 7-minute video is oober thought-provoking. It will encourage you to examine your own creative process and reflect on any self-doubt that you might have. It can be used as a journaling prompt to get your creative tap flowing.

4. Writing quotes on Pinterest

Create a board on Pinterest and save all your favourite writing quotes and inspiration, it will be there waiting for you to scroll through at any time. This is one of my favourite quotes because it reminds you that writing is not about your ego - it's about putting one word after the other.

5. Writing advice on Twitter #writers

Search #writers on Twitter and you will get a quick dose of writing advice. Don't hang around on Twitter for too long though, you won't get any work done ;-)

6. Hot Copy Podcast: Belinda Weaver & Kate Toon

If you're a copywriter - experienced, aspiring, or somewhere in-between - this podcast is copywriting gold! You will be entertained, educated and inspired. Belinda Weaver is an Australian copywriter living in the U.S. running her business Copywrite Matters and Kate Toon is a British copywriter living in Australia running her business - The Clever Copywriting School. They've joined forces as a podcast duo sharing their extensive copywriting knowledge.

7. ProBlogger

If you're all about blogging, then you don't want to miss Darren Rowse's ProBlogger. There's content galore about blogging, the business of blogging and learning how to blog. If you need inspiration for your own blog, take one of the free 7-day Content Sprint courses to boost your blog ideas and content.

8. Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

The author of 'The Legend of Bagger Vance' has written multiple books on the creative journey: Do the Work; Turning Pro; The War of Art; and The Artist's Journey. It's a quick read and will probably become a staple in your writer's inspiration toolkit. Read the book review here. This video is just a 2-minute snapshot about overcoming resistance, but you can see his full interview with Marie Forleo here.

...and lastly, put your headphones on and listen to Hans Zimmer's 'Pandora'. Honestly, I have no idea why, but it really kicks your brain into high gear and helps you to focus on what you're doing.

Listening to music without words helps you to form your own. It gives your brain space to create. Music will invite your creativity back into the room and sit with you while you work. It will support you when no-one else knows how to.

Take action: Pen, paper, write, go!
A woman is writing on paper while sitting at a table.

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