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In the gripping novel 'The Priestess & the Journalist,' South African journalist Gabriella Stone finds herself thrust into a world of political upheaval and personal intrigue as she covers the tumultuous events of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. With her journalistic instincts guiding her, Gabriella arrives in Egypt to report on the mass protests against the regime of Hosni Mubarak. Little does she know her journey will lead her into a web of danger, secrets, and long-buried family ties.

Gabriella’s life takes an unexpected turn when she embarks on a visit to a newly discovered archaeological dig on the city’s outskirts. To her astonishment, the lead archaeologist at the site is none other than her estranged father, a figure from her past she thought she had left behind forever.

Amid the backdrop of Egypt’s political turmoil, Gabriella’s world becomes even more complicated when she encounters a charismatic Scotsman who seems inexplicably drawn to her. As their connection deepens, Gabriella struggles to unravel the mysteries surrounding her father, her new romantic interest, and the archaeological dig. The suspense intensifies when Sudanese mercenaries kidnap Mueller, her father. Gabriella finds herself at the centre of a high-stakes conspiracy. While grappling with the trauma of the kidnapping, a shocking incident occurs in her hotel room. Someone brutally assaults her cameraman, which sends shockwaves through her already tense existence.

As Gabriella races against time to uncover the truth and rescue her father, she becomes entangled in a complex web of espionage, hidden agendas, and personal vendettas. With danger closing in from all sides, she must confront the chilling realization that her presence in Egypt is not incidental—someone wants her silenced, and her life is on the line.

'The Priestess & the Journalist' is a thrilling tale of one woman’s journey into the heart of a revolution, where the pursuit of truth becomes a fight for survival. Gabriella Stone’s resilience, determination, and unwavering pursuit of justice will captivate readers as they navigate a world of political intrigue and personal revelations, where nothing is as it seems, and the sands of Egypt conceal more than just ancient history.

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